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7th Annual Fundraiser- HUGE SUCCESS!

WOW! What an event we had on September 28th! We are SO sorry for the delay in sharing all of this information, but we think it will be worth the wait!

The 7th Annual Jolly John’s Keep You Truckin Fundraiser broke 2 of our own records! We sold a record 553 tickets and brought in a net profit of a RECORD $133,552.13!!!! Every single cent of that went directly into our fund to help those in need while they battle cancer. Every year this event grows and grows, and each year we look back on what we accomplished as a community and we are TRULY grateful and blown away by you! We could not do what we do without your support, and we cannot thank you all enough for supporting us year after year after year!

Since inception, we have helped 133 local families, dispersing $319,622.18!!! We are so proud to do what we do, and it really goes to show that we may be a small fund from a small town, but we have made a HUGE impact!

Please save the date for next year’s fundraiser- September 26, 2020!!

STAY TUNED THIS WEEK as we share even more stats and fun facts from our fund

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