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Bike Run Donates Proceeds to Keep You Truckin' Fund

A few months ago we got a call from Gary Fitzpatrick with some very exciting news that he wanted to make a donation to the fund with the proceeds from a bike run in September that was put on with the Danielson Elks Riders & Gary's own project, SOBs. We were very honored they chose our fund to receive their funds.

Gary told us the origin story of the SOBs: I am married with three boys. I lost my father to cancer and my sister Susan.We have seen the horrors of this disease firsthand. Then the doctors found an abnormality in my wife’s breast, they scheduled an ultrasound and while we were waiting for the results of the test we were all freaking out! In a situation like that you always assume the worst. And in an attempt to relieve the stress I started joking around with my family. Yelling "This is an all out assault on our boobs! What are the football players going to do with boobless cheerleaders! Something Has to be done! Somebody needs to save our boobs!" My middle son Matthew suggested we put that on a T-shirt. He designed some shirts but at first the shirts didn’t sell very well, until I joined the Elks Riders. During a meeting I suggested doing an SOB (Save Our Boobs) run to help local people fight the nightmare diagnosis of cancer. The first one was more successful than I had hoped netting over $2,000. The Elks Riders have decided to make the SOB run an annual event. I am hoping the idea catches on and Elks Riders from coast to coast embrace the idea and donate money to their local cancer victims. I would also like to start my own charity so I can sponsor runs, rodeos, bake sales, whatever the local people want to do to help People in their community. To help the SOBs establish a nonprofit people can donate to our go fund me page or send a check payable to the SOBs PO Box 52 Oneco CT 06373. They can also buy a SOB T-shirt or attend an event. Little by little town by town maybe we can put a dent in the number one reason people file for bankruptcy in the United States.

Chelsea Cormier & Donna Wallace accept donation from Gary Fitzpatrick with Danielson Elks Riders & SOBs

WINY Radio covered this special donation, see their post here:

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